Tara Noonan, Owner/Director of Seaside Dance and Gymnastics Centre, grew up in Long Island, New York and danced under the direction of Pat Hannafin for 15 years. She danced at Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance center in New York City before attending college in Rhode Island. Tara is a 2004 graduate of Roger Williams University with a BA in Dance/Performance Studies. In the past few years Tara has worked with many artists including Danny Buraczeski, Sean Curran, Kelli Wickie Davis, Chris Elam, Gary Shore and Elizabeth Spatz. Currently Tara is performing in Boston with dance Choreographer Lindsay Caddle. Tara is also a dance teacher for the Chance To Dance program which is a state-wide dance program for school children. Tara is a member of Rhode Island Dance Alliance and the National Dance Education Organization. She is also a Certified Massage Therapist as well as CPR and First Aid Certified.